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Creative Wedding Ideas Can Help to Save Your Budget

August 29th, 2017 9:47 pm

You in all probability already know that weddings are expensive and take a lot of planning. So, getting a little imaginative with your wedding not only gives your Big Day a little extra pizzazz, it can also possibly save you some considerable bucks! With a few easy strategies you will be using your wedding ceremony concepts on a budget that you can reside with, to have the marriage you’ve at all times wanted. Now let’s take a look at some creative wedding ideas that will help save you time and money.


– You don’t really need two bouquets unless you plan to display one after you are married. Just toss the one you walk down the aisle with.
– If you do want to keep your bouquet, toss just one flower from it, that way you are still saving on the second bouquet.
– Except for the bride, who should have real flowers, you can use silk flowers. They are cheaper and already preserved.
– If you use silk flowers for centerpieces and decorations, you can always reuse them at home for party decorations or you can also resell them.


– Creative wedding ideas for decorating the head table can be buying vases for the flowers and line them up with candles between them.
– Buy candles and holders at a dollar store or second-hand store.
– Also look for any other items you can use for decorating at the dollar store.
– You can ask your florist about renting plants to decorate with.


– Make your own invitations; check out websites that offer unique designs.
– If you do order your invitations, order them online. It will be a lot cheaper.


– Photographers are very expensive but as far as creative wedding ideas goes you don’t want to cut too many corner here. You want your pictures to turn out the very best they can because it’s not every day you get married.

– If you know someone that takes professional pictures see if they will take the pictures for you. It can be their wedding present to you. They can give you the film afterwards and you can have the photos made yourself. These are great creative wedding ideas.

– If you want to hire a professional make sure they give you your digital file. That way you can get prints done at a reasonable price.

– If they don’t give you the file ask if you can buy it when they are ready to throw them away. Usually it’s around 3 yrs.

– Prices are going to vary on photographers but find out what it will cost to have larger pictures made and see if it is worth it.

– It might be cheaper if the photographer doesn’t stay for the reception. It can save on the coverage times.

– If you want pictures of the cake cutting and first dance, do them right after the introductions and then have them leave.

Catering and Reception

– Try to hire a caterer that will supply everything for the tables. Plates, glasses, table clothes, and so on.

– Make sure they only charge for what you need, as some caterers will have package deals. If you don’t need everything that is included in the deal, for example, if you decorate the reception hall yourself, you should not pay for that but maybe you can substitute that for something else you do need done.

– Pick things that are in season, like fruits and vegetables.

– Don’t go for fancy foods that not many people will know what it is and it will also be very expensive.

– Buffets are great creative wedding ideas because not only do they cost less, it gives your guests a chance to mingle and they can pick what they want to eat.

– Make sure the contract with the caterer states that the gratuity will be included.

– If you use a venue that lets you purchase your own liquor it will be cheaper but is more work.

– You can always have a cash bar and make money off of it.

– Cut out the fancy drinks and only serve wine and beer. All the different liquors and mixes will be expensive.

– Cutting back on the guest list is another creative wedding idea.

– Think about having the reception in a hotel and they can do the decorating. Provide the services, and rooms for guests that want to stay overnight.

– Order smaller plates for kids and teenagers that are under the legal drinking age; they are usually cheaper without the alcohol.

– Your reception is where you can cut back the most, so make sure you shop around for the best deals.

These are just a few thought you can expound upon or add to in order to come up with some creative wedding ideas that suit your own particular wedding situation. Ask around. Talk to friends, family, coworkers, and people at your church or club. There are literally hundreds of ways – some little, some large – to save money on your wedding. And who knows? You might just save enough to make that honeymoon the “stuff of dreams”!

Know Your Wedding Caterer

July 15th, 2017 3:35 am

When making a budget for your wedding reception, the biggest share usually goes to the food. Hiring the right wedding caterer is the perfect thing to do. Since you will be coming across different wedding caterers during your search, it’s advisable to spend time interviewing each caterer to find out detailed information about their services.

• See what each caterer specializes in. Does the caterer focus on certain types of cuisine? Depending on your wedding theme, you may need a specific caterer. For instance, if you are planning to have an oriental type of wedding, you may want to hire a caterer that specializes in Asian cuisine. Consider a caterer that has catered weddings in the past. You should ask if a food tasting session is possible. A good, professional caterer will provide tasting sessions, therefore, if a caterer fails to do so, then it’s time to find another one.

• Check the service cost. The cost of catering can depend on the menu, but caterers may issue package rates. The caterer would provide linens, table cloths and napkins, plus other facilities. See if usage fees for these items are included in the package or you have to rent them separately. At the same time, you may also have to provide gratuity to the attendants. Get a complete quotation and see if the total cost would fit your budget.

• Ask the caterer about other services that they can provide. It is common for caterers to provide tables, chairs, plates, utensils, and so on. Ask your caterer what they can offer for your wedding reception. Providing of needed facilities may also be part of an all-inclusive package. But you have to be sure of what is included in the package.

• Who will decorate the wedding reception venue? Decorating the wedding reception venue may be a job for wedding florists or the caterers. If the caterer handles the job, then you don’t need to look for florists and wedding venue decorators. At the same time, confirm with the caterer if they will do the table setting and skirting.

• Make sure the caterer is available on your wedding day! Sometimes, mistakes on early bookings happen when the caterer accepts another offer for the same day as your wedding day. This can lead to a disaster. You must confirm with your caterer that they do not have other commitments on your scheduled wedding. If the caterer handles two weddings on the same day, you have to make sure that they have enough staff to deploy to your reception.

• Ask the caterer for suggestions on menus or wedding venue decorations. Sometimes, you just cannot come up with brilliant ideas on decorations or you just cannot make up your mind about what to serve to guests. An experienced caterer can always provide a suitable sample menu. They may recommend a modest or lavish menu depending on the planned number of guests.

• The caterer should provide waiters. Generally, caterers do, but make sure that they will. Ask if the services of the waiters are included in the overall charges.

• Ask for the photos of previous wedding receptions they served. Check out the table setting or venue decorations that they have organized. The past photos should also include the food arrangements and presentation on the buffet table that they have done.

• Do not hesitate to ask for references. Reputable caterers will not mind giving you contact numbers of their previous clients.

Choosing Matching Footwear for Your Bridal Dress

June 15th, 2017 3:34 am

A good looking bridal dress requires an equally good pair of shoes. There are so many alternatives in the market these days that ‘brides-to-be’ often get confused and do not know where to start. If you are one of the confused brides, you should go through this article to know how to select matching footwear for your bridal dress.

While selecting a good pair of footwear for your wedding, you must keep in mind certain things for your bridal dress in order to get a nice match. The shade of your bridal dress is one very important aspect. If you want to get a good match, you must make sure to keep a sample of your dress’s cloth when you go for shopping. Nevertheless, you must not limit your options to white, ivory or other similar colors. Nowadays, you can find many brides wearing great looking blue, green, metallic or red bridal shoes. It is a great way to add style to your looks and it also makes it possible for you to wear your wedding shoes on other occasions after your wedding.

The design and style of your bridal dress also plays an important role, especially if you are wearing a traditional outfit. Pumps, peep toes and slingbacks give a great look with the classic wedding dresses. Modern bridal dresses can go well with a lot of other kind of shoes. So you must look for shoes for your modern dress by spending some time. You may choose crystal encrusted stiletto heels, patterned shoes or anything else that attracts you and suits your dress.

The fabric of the shoes is another aspect to be seen while buying them. The fabric of the shoes must complement the material of the bridal dress. It does not need to be exactly the same. If your dress is made up of silk, silk pumps will definitely be a great match. Bridal dresses made up of dull materials like crepe and chiffon look great with matte crepe shoes. However, you can consider experimenting with other interesting textures as well. Normally, both your bridal dress and shoes should not both be highly textured. So, if your dress is highly textured, you must pick a pair of shoes that are not so much textured.

Try to find shoes which complement the embellishments on the bridal gown and in the jewelry. In case you have decided to put on a dress with crystal belt and sparkly wedding jewelry set, you can pick footwear with crystal pin. If you have decided to go for shredded chiffon gown with a feather fascinator in your hair, you can buy shoes with feather highlights. Some brides pull a signature color in their dress, jewelry as well as footwear. It is actually a terrific way to match them all and get a nice look.

Colorful bridal dresses make the selection process of bridal footwear more difficult. A neutral color womens nike lunarglide 4 shoe or metallic shoe will be a good option if your dress is other than white or ivory. Sandals in silver color will look great with richly colored dresses. Getting ideal footwear for your wedding may be difficult, but you will definitely feel happy if you spend your time and effort in finding the right shoes for your wedding.

Seed Wedding Favors Theme Ideas

April 15th, 2016 3:33 am

Couples are always on the look out for unique ideas for their wedding favors and seed wedding favors can make their celebration one of a kind, and also to stand out in the minds of their guests and be remembered even after the actual event. Seed wedding favors are uncommon lovely treats for your guests.

It’s not something that your guests will just put in their cabinets as a decoration. They will have to plant these seeds, watch it grow and later on marvel at the assortment of blooming flowers that will grace their houses. When they see the flowers, they will be reminded of your celebration and how special it was.

More importantly, flowers never fail to brighten any room or garden or even a person. That’s one of the reasons why a bride carries with her a flower bouquet to look more radiant as she walk down the aisle and why little flower girls scatters petals on her path.

That being said, couples can never go wrong in giving seed wedding favors because they’re so easy to prepare.

  1. Choose the seeds that you want to give as favors. There are many kinds of seeds that you can use for your wedding seed favors from flowering plants to trees to decorative house plants.
  2. If you have a favorite flowering plant or if your fiancée often gives you a certain kind of flower then you may want to give the seeds of that flower as it has deeper meaning for you and your guy.
  3. Divide the seeds and place them inside wedding seed packs. Create a personalized seed packs to hold the seeds, let your wedding theme be your guide.
  4. Insert an instruction sheet inside the packs on how to grow the seeds. Don’t forget the instruction sheet! You will want to make it easy for your guests to grow these flowers!
  5. Place the seed packs inside wedding favor bags and display them during the wedding. To make it handy for your guests you may consider putting their wedding favors inside wedding favor bags, if you can make the bags personalize too that is even great!
  6. Attach seed packs to laminated bookmark favors with a photo of the flower.

There are many kinds of seeds that you can use for your seed wedding favors from flowering plants to trees to decorative house plants. Choose something that has meaning to you and let your wedding theme be also your guide.

If your wedding is anchored on a particular theme then you can find seeds that reflect your theme.

Flower Wedding Theme
A wedding theme based on flowers is an easy one. You can prepare wedding seed packs of different kind of flowers, you can throw in petunias, sunflowers, snapdragons etc. If your flower theme is focused on a particular flower such as geranium then for variety you can select different colors of geranium like white, violet and blue.

For weddings with themes other than flowers, it is still easy to connect the seeds to the theme by placing the wedding seed packets inside a theme decorated wedding favor bags.

Samples of wedding seed packs that you may try for different wedding themes:

Beach or Seashore Wedding
The best option for beach or seashore theme wedding is going for the shrubs or flowers that grow near seas and oceans. Recommended ones are Bayberry if you favor bushes; Sweet Pea if you like vines or Rosemary if you are a fan of herbs.

To create the beach vibe, you can place the seed wedding favors inside miniature pirates’ treasure chest, giant sea shells or wedding favor bags decorated with mini seashells.

Weddings with a Western flare
Western usually makes one thinks of desert, cowboys and cactus. Desert flowers like Galliarda and Desert Marigold are ideal for this theme. You can put the seed packets in small pots or miniature cowboy hats and distribute these pots all around the venue.

Romantic Theme like Valentines or Sweetheart Theme
One of the first choices when presented with Valentines or sweetheart theme is roses, but there are many other flowers that are also just as romantic. You may want to include wedding seed packets of forget-me-nots, bell flowers and sunflowers.

Themes Based on Colors
The best wedding seed packs for color based themes are those seeds of flowering plants that are of the same color as your wedding color motif. If your theme is blue and white, you can select the seeds of white daisies and blue geranium. To make your favors more vibrant you can place the seed packs inside a velvety blue pouch or a wedding favor bags in aqua.

Another great color combination would be lavender and gold, this color combination is best reflected by choosing wedding seed favors of violets, purple irises, lilacs placed in golden boxes.

Hopefully the above ideas will provide you with some inspiration to come up with your own personalized seed wedding favors. Make sure that you insert an instruction sheet on how to grow and take care of the seeds!

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